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Balance your Skill Set
Balance your Skill Set™ Examples with Video links can be found here.
1/3  Learn to Cast

            •  Federation of Fly Fishers "Five Essentials of Fly Casting"
            •  Become comfortable using multiple casts interchangeably
            •  Concentrate on learning different types of practical casts

                  –  Pick-up & Lay-down Cast
                  –  Side Arm Cast
                  –  Back Hand Cast
                  –  Roll Cast
                  –  Belgian Cast
                  –  Reach Cast
                  –  Roll Cast Pick Up
                  –  Single-handed Snap T
                  –  Saltwater Speed Cast
                  –  Double Haul

            •  Learn to false cast and vary casting speed on-demand
            •  Learn to throw "Open Loops" and "Tight Loops"

1/3  Leader Set-up and Fly Selection

            •  Choose the right type and length of leader
            •  Concentrate on the terminal tackle end of the leader
                including tippet size
            •  Learn basic knots (Perfection loop; Blood Knot; Double Surgeon;
                Improved Clinch)
. Add specialized knots as needed.
            •  Get the set-up right to fish the desired water column
            •  Learn available food types and what the targeted fish may eat
            •  If sub-surface, choose the way to "weight the set-up"
            •  Decide whether to use a strike indicator or fish without one
            •  One fly, or multiple flies? Choose what you are going to present

1/3  Presentation

            •  Choose the appropriate rod type and rod length to use
            •  Choose the fly line type and weight (single-handed, switch, or spey)

                  –  Weight Forward Floating, Special Tapers, or Spey
                  –  Intermediate or Intermediate Sink Tip
                  –  Sinking lines, rate of sink & shooting heads
                  –  Coldwater, Warmwater, or Tropical Saltwater line

            •  Read the water (by water type or flow)
            •  Target the desired water depth of your fly (or flies)
            •  Determine the fly presentation angle and control slack in the line
            •  Cast accurately to the desired distance & control "splash down"
            •  Mend your presentation appropriately (reach mends; stack mends; or
                small wrist mends)

            •  Add appropriate "behavior" to your fly (or... dead drift) -- and don't
                forget to set the hook!

Developed in 2010, seeking a more uniform method of teaching fly fishing rather than just fly casting like so many other fly fishing schools (with a few extras thrown into the curriculum), Ken Louko introduced this instructional uniform framework of learning to fly fish.

This framework, combined with the Federation of Fly Fishers "Five Essentials of Fly Casting" form the core building blocks to building a personal fly fishing skill set from "beginner to expert level".

Ken encourages videographers to create sharable online videos of all aspects of this framework most of which is today buried in the thousands of written materials available from numerous authors -- including the discoveries and teachings of the fly fishing "greats" of all time.

He also encourages other fly fishing instructors to adopt this framework as a standard from which to teach the many varied aspects of this wonderful sport. Much lies within and between the lines of the "Balance your Skill Set™" framework.

Fly Fishing is, indeed, a lifetime sport!

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