Instruction Rates & On-Water Instruction/Fly Fishing


Select your Learning Path

Where are the classes held?

Note: All instruction (including on-water sessions) are custom scheduled.

On-water instruction participants MUST provide their own boots and waders; or, rent them from a fly shop such as Alpharetta Outfitters, Alpharetta, GA.

A Georgia fishing license is required. The use of polarized sunglasses is also highly recommended!


Trout School

The "Combo Dry Land+ On-Water" Trout course is our most popular class. Two (2) hours of "refresher" casting instruction + Five (5) hours of fly fishing on one of North Georgia's most beautiful private trophy trout streams. Classes are taught using either a Single Hand fly rod; or, a Two-Handed Trout Spey rod.

"Combo Dry Land + On-Water" Trout School
(Single Hand rod or Two-Handed Spey rod)

NOT RECOMMENDED for those who have little or no fly casting experience!
Take a "Basic Skills" or "Casting" class (see below) prior to booking this class.

Focuses on Stage 3 (Presentation) of Balance your Skill Set

2 Hour "Refresher" Casting Instruction + 
5 Hours On-Water Instruction/Fly Fishing

$ 325  Private Water on the Soque River

$ 525  Two Anglers


Public Waters option... $ 300 *

* $30 Annual Membership in the Atlanta Fly Fishing Club is required.


"Basic Skills" School for Beginners

Looking for a fundamentals of fly fishing class?

These course offerings cover just the basics while never getting your feet wet!

(Stages 1 and 2 of Balance your Skill Set)

All "Basic Skills" Classes (#1, #2, and 3#) courses are Dry Land courses and will cover: 

     •    Hands-on casting with a Single Hand Rod
     •    Tackle introduction... 

           Fly rods, reels, line, leader and tippet.
     •    Knots you need to know   

     •    Optional:  Starter Fly Box of at least 12 Trout Flies + Leader ($30).

"Basic Skills" Classes #1, #2, and #3

#1:  2 Hours...  Fundamental Fly Casting; plus, Knot Tying, and Leader Set-up 


         $ 125/person      Group of 4+:   $ 75/person

#2:  3 Hours... Fundamental Fly Casting; plus, Knot Tying, and Leaders Set-up



         $ 150/person      Group of 4+:   $ 100/person

#3:  4 Hours... Fundamental to Intermediate Fly Casting; plus, Knot Tying, 

                            Leader Set-up know-how and an Introduction to Fly Selection.

                            (More robust Stages 1 & 2 Class)

        $ 175/person      Group of 4+:   $ 125/person       

Anyone that takes a four (4) hour class AND joins the Atlanta Fly Fishing Club as a member (only $30/year), can schedule a day of fly fishing in the North GA mountains on Private Trophy Trout Water for the discounted price of $300. Let's go catch some gorgeous fish! Limited to one session per four (4) hour class. Single Hand rod... or Two-Handed rod.


Casting School

Of the three stages of learning how to fly fish, learning to cast is the first stage. Casting comprises 1/3 of what it takes to become a successful fly angler.

Casting Instruction...

(Single Hand Rod; or, Two-Handed Spey Rod)

Single Hand Rod Casting Class...     2 Hours    $ 150

Introductory Spey Casting Class...  2 Hours    $ 150

  • Demystifying lines and heads for Two Handed rods
  • Foundation Spey-style casts that you can fish with right away
  • Bring your own Trout Spey, Switch, or Short Spey rod
  • Or, use one of ours.
  • Requires Atlanta Fly Fishing Club membership ($30); and,
  • Be prepared to wade!

OPST Commando Skagit Casting Class...  2 Hours    $ 150      Go Commando!

Additional Class Hour...    1 Hour     $ 100  ($50 with initial session)

Two Additional Hours...    2 Hours   $ 150  ($100 with initial session)

Two-Fer (2nd Person)...    $100 with initial session