Not One... but rather Four Fly Fishing Schools


Follow a Learning Path

Where are the classes held?

> All instruction is custom scheduled and personalized based on our core curriculum. Monthly group classes are not offered as they are difficult to schedule and too general in scope limiting your learning experience. There is great advantage to private individualized instruction for the student. Email (via the Contact page) or call to schedule a class.

> Start out with either a Casting School session or a "Basic Skills School" for Beginners. Progress to more advanced classes like the Combo On-Water Trout School or branch out to include learning how to cast Spey-style. Adding Double Haul casting skills enables you to progress even further to chasing Stripers (Striped Bass) on Lake Lanier or other Georgia lakes and reservoirs as well as saltwater species such as Redfish, Sea Trout, or Bonefish.

> Small Groups: Our typical maximum class size is four (4); except, specially priced larger group sessions.

> On-water instruction participants MUST provide their own boots and waders; or, rent them from a fly shop such as Alpharetta Outfitters, Alpharetta, GA.

> For on-water classes, a Georgia fishing license is required. The use of polarized sunglasses is also highly recommended!

> LOYALTY DISCOUNT... Additional future classes taken by any Spring Creek Anglers Fly Fishing Schools student will receive a $25 discount per class.


Combo On-Water Trout School

Combo "Refresher + On-Water" Class

(Single Hand rod or Trout Spey rod)

The Combo "Refresher + On-Water" Class is our most popular class. One (1) to (2) hours of "refresher" casting instruction + Five (5) hours of fly fishing on one of North Georgia's beautiful trout streams.

The Combo On-Water Trout School is NOT RECOMMENDED for those who have little or no fly casting experience! 

Please take a "Basic Skills" or "Casting" class (see below) prior to booking this class.

The Combo class focuses on Stage 3 (Presentation) of Balance your Skill Set

1-2 Hour "Refresher" Casting Instruction + 
  5 Hours  On-Water Instruction/Fly Fishing

$ 350  Private Water on the Soque River

$ 550  Two Anglers

$ 275  Public Waters Option

$ 475  Two Anglers

Optional:  Starter Fly Box of at least 12 Trout Flies + Leader ($30).

An Atlanta Fly Fishing Club annual membership may be required for the Public Waters option.


"Basic Skills School" for Beginners

Looking for a fundamentals of fly fishing class?

These course offerings cover just the basics while never getting your feet wet!

(Stages 1 and 2 of Balance your Skill Set)

All "Basic Skills" Classes (#1, #2, and 3#) courses are Dry Land courses and will cover: 

•  Hands-on casting with a Single Hand Rod
•  Equipment introduction... 

    Fly rods, reels, lines, leaders and tippet.

•  Knots you need to know   

"Basic Skills" Classes #1, #2, and #3

#1:  2 Hours...

Fundamental Fly Casting; plus, Knot Tying, and Leader Set-up Know-How

$ 125/person      Group of 4+:   $ 75/person

#2:  3 Hours... 

Fundamental Fly Casting; plus, Knot Tying, and Leaders Set-up Know-How

$ 150/person      Group of 4+:   $ 100/person

#3:  4 Hours...

Fundamental to Intermediate Fly Casting; plus, Knot Tying, Leader Set-up know-how and an Introduction to Fly Selection. (More robust Stages 1 & 2 Class)

$ 175/person      Group of 4+:   $ 125/person       

Anyone that takes a four (4) hour class AND joins the Atlanta Fly Fishing Club as a member (only $30/year), can schedule a day of fly fishing in the North GA mountains on Private Trophy Trout Water for the discounted price of $300. Let's go catch some gorgeous fish! Limited to one session per four (4) hour class. Single Hand rod... or Two-Handed Trout Spey rod.


Single Hand Casting School

Of the three stages of learning how to fly fish, learning to cast is the first stage. Casting comprises 1/3 of what it takes to become a successful fly angler. Single Hand casting classes take place on dry land. Visit the locations page.

Single Hand Casting Instruction...   

2 Hours    $ 150 per person


Spey Casting School

Single Hand Spey

Two Handed Spey

Offered in Levels 1, 2, 3, and 4.

A full description of each Level is found on the Spey Casting page.

$150 per Level.

Two to three hour sessions.

(Group Discounts available)

Level 1     Single Hand Spey 

                 (5, 6, or 7 wt. SH rod)

Level 2    Introduction to Trout Spey

                 (#2-#4 two handed rods)

Level 3    Spey casting with Switch rods

                 (#5-#7 Switch rods up to 11’-9")

Level 4    Casting with Short Spey rods

                 (#6-#8 Spey rods, 12’-6" to 13’)

Sessions include...

• Demystifying lines, heads, and tips/Polyleaders

• Foundation Spey-style casts that you can fish with right away

• Bring your own rod; or, use one of ours.

  • • Requires Atlanta Fly Fishing Club annual membership ($30); and,

  • • Be prepared to wade!