Five Essential Casting Skills

The Five Casting Essentials

for Single Hand Rods*

Originally developed by Bill & Jay Gammels
Adopted by Fly Fishers International


     Introductory Video

1.  There can't be ANY slack line during the casting stroke.

Video Link

2.  There MUST BE a stop and a pause at the end of each stroke.

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3.  The Casting Arc MUST vary with the amount of line beyond the rod tip.

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4.  Application of power MUST OCCUR in the proper amount, at the proper 

      place, in the casting stroke.

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5.  During the casting stroke, the rod tip MUST travel in a straight line


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* Single Hand Rod users casting a Rio Single Hand Spey line; or, a Commando line system DO NOT adhere to a "Stop and a Pause" (#2 above), to achieve successful casts. These line set ups support Spey casting techniques using dynamic "D" loops and water bourne anchors.