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All-Waters Fly Fishing School
(Since 1997)
Reduce your learning curve by 2 or 3 years...  Guaranteed!

Whether it's learning about local waters such as the Chattahoochee River, fishing trophy trout waters in North Georgia or relaying information about the many waters nationally (and even internationally) he has fished, professional instructor Ken Louko can significantly accelerate your fly fishing learning curve. Learning to cast is necessary but it takes you only one-third of the way to become a competent fly angler.

Our practical "How-To" approach based on years of experience fishing great water all across the country, and internationally, delivers the other two-thirds of what you really need to know when getting started in this great sport
as a fly angler either as a beginner, or as an improving intermediate that wants to take it to the next level. It's extremely important to "Balance your Skill Set™" in this sport.

With 30+ years of fly fishing experience, you will get hands-on lessons from someone with experience and dedication to the sport of fly fishing. Casting, knots, fly selection, stream tactics, line mending, equipment selection, leader set-up, and line management techniques are all taught by Spring Creek Anglers in either our dry land courses, or while on the water while you perfect your fly presentations.

Fly fishing is more than beautifully casting a fly line or hitting a target 80 feet away. Casting comprises
only one-third
of what it takes to become a proficient fly angler. But casting is the first step to learning how to fly fish.  Begin to experience this lifetime sport by making reservations for your personalized class TODAY!

Our Fly Fishing School is the one to choose in Georgia if you want to learn quickly and Balance your Skill Set™.  Spey, Switch, or Traditional Casting.  Reduce your learning curve by 2 to 3 years - Guaranteed!  
Whether you want to fish for trout or Steelhead in coldwater, Largemouth or Striped Bass in warmwater, or pursue saltwater species like Redfish and Bonefish, our all-waters fly fishing school provides experienced-based fly fishing instruction. Fly fishing instruction for total beginners, up through advanced casting and fly presentation to all shallow water sport fish wherever they live and swim.
Coldwater    Warmwater     Saltwater
The Fly Fishing School provides the following instruction offerings:
  Dry Land Instruction - "Just the Basics" for Beginners
  Dry Land progressing to On-Water  - Beginner to Intermediate
  Spey and Switch Casting Instruction - Beginner to Intermediate
  Combination Dry Land and On-water Instruction/Fishing - All Levels

All instruction is custom scheduled and can be staged over time allowing you to develop & master your newly learned skills on your own before advancing to the next class level.  Click here for the instructor's Bio.

Course offerings address all skill levels at affordable rates to fit anyone's budget.  If you want "Just the Basics", we now have a 2 hour class that has an introduction to fly casting, knot tying, and leader set-up.

Our newest offering is Spey and Switch Casting Instruction. These classes are held on the water and can be combined with a trout fishing experience. Trophy trout Spey and Switch casting sessions can take place at Fern Valley on the Soque located a little east of Helen, Georgia.

In a similar fashion, traditional fly casting offerings can combine on-land instruction with real world fly fishing on a North Georgia trout stream.
We take our fly fishing and instruction seriously but also stress having some fun while you're learning to fly fish!

Class course content is not overstated to impress you with things that are either impossible to achieve initially; or, so confusing that it interferes with learning. However, our class materials are very complete and comprehensive.

                    "There's a BIG difference between fly casting and fly fishing.
                      Fly fishing begins when the fly hits the water".

                                                Jose Wejebe, Late Famous TV Fishing Host - Spanish Fly

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