Guided Fly Fishing Trips

Guided Trips

Trout, Bass, and Stripers!

$ 275               Public Trout Waters

(See $ Below)  Private Trophy Trout Water

$ 350              Lake (Stripers) - 5 to 6 Hours

* STRIPER SPECIAL * ... Let Ken Louko fish with you (as a second angler) on

any Striper trip, reduce your rate to $200. Learn how Ken personally fishes for

Striped Bass. Advice on fly lines, flies, leader setups, and approaches. Get out on the 

lake at a reasonable rate without having to own your own boat!

Contact Lanier on the Fly at to book the Striper Special.

* TROUT SPECIAL * ... 4 Hours Fly Fishing for Trout -- Spring and Fall Only!

   (Requires $30 Annual Membership in the Atlanta Fly Fishing Club)

$ 200     4 Hours of Fly Fishing


Day of Trophy Trout Fishing on the Soque River

(Single Hand Rod or Trout Spey)

Private Water... Reservations Required

Full Day Only on Weekends (Spring/Fall)

Spring/Fall: (March, April & May / October - November)

$ 325  Half Day of Fishing    > Two Anglers... $ 525

$ 375  Full Day of Fishing     > Two Anglers... $ 575

Winter Rates: (Dec. - Feb.)

$ 300  Half Day of Fishing    > Two Anglers... $ 500

$ 350  Full Day of Fishing     > Two Anglers... $ 550


Optional $30 charge for a Flies and Leader Pkg; or, provide your own. The angler keeps the entire package of flies and the provided leader.


Trip Deposits:

$100 per person Guided Trip deposit can be paid through PayPal via the following address:



Or, by check made out to "Ken Louko".