Fly Fishing Guide Services

On-Water Guided Fly Fishing Trips

Feel like getting out on the water to do some fly fishing?

Every day on the water is better than a day at the office!

Try one of our "Offices" whether it be on a lake or stream.

Up to 6 Hours On-Water Fly Fishing Trips

Trout, Bass, Stripers, or anything else that swims!

$ 300  Public Waters (Stream or Lake)

$ 325  Private Trout Water

* SPECIAL... 4 Hours of Fly Fishing -- Spring and Fall Only!

(requires $30 Annual Membership in the Atlanta Fly Fishing Club)

$ 200  4 Hours

Day of Spey Casting and Trophy Trout Fishing on the Soque River

(involves travel time)...

$ 325   6 Hours

Day of Trophy Trout Fishing (Single Hand Rod) on the Soque River

(involves travel time)...

$ 325   6 Hours