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COLDWATER, WARMWATER, or SALTWATER INSTRUCTION -- in North Georgia near Lake Lanier   


Reduce your learning curve by 2 or 3 years...  Guaranteed!


Single-Handed Casting or Two-Handed "Spey" Casting Instruction


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Fly Fishing Instruction classes (since 1997). One-on-One or small group fly fishing instruction held both on-land and on-water. Beginners are welcome. All equipment is provided for beginner level dry land instruction. Those new to the sport are encouraged NOT to purchase any equipment prior to receiving instruction.

With 30+ years of fly fishing experience, you will get hands-on instruction from an individual with experience and dedication to the sport of fly fishing. Casting, knots, fly selection, stream tactics, line mending, equipment selection, leader set-up, and line management techniques are all taught in the SCA Fly Fishing School in either our dry land courses; or, while on the water while you perfect your fly presentations.

North Georgia has Trout (Browns and Rainbows), Carp, and Bass species (Largemouth, Kentucky Spotted Bass, White Bass, Shoal Bass, and Stripers). Coldwater and Warmwater opportunities galore located not far from the Atlanta Metro area (and some even "in" the Atlanta Metro area).

The Gulf Coast, Florida, and the Atlantic Coast has a variety of saltwater species including Redfish, Sea Trout, Jack Cravalle, Bonefish, Permit, and Tarpon. On a regular basis, fly anglers from North Georgia take advantage of these opportunities -- and beyond-- either individually or with a group.

Due to North Georgia's milder climate, individual and small group instruction is offered most months of the year. Instruction is scheduled to meet the availability requirements of those who want to either take up the sport of fly fishing; or, want to build on their existing skill set.  In other words... "All instruction is custom scheduled". Fixed timeframe classes are not offered as they are difficult to schedule, usually limited in scope, and too impersonal.

There is great advantage to individual, one-on-one instruction, for the student. This level of personalization is the primary focus of the SCA Fly Fishing School.

Gift certificates are available.  Call or email for details.