June '16 - Port St Joe & Apalachicola Saltwater Trip

Here are a few pictures from our June 2016 saltwater fly fishing trip to Port Saint Joe and Apalachicola, FL. We joined 10 other Atlanta Fly Fishing Club members in Apalachicola staying at Bay City Lodge for a few days of fishing. Water temps were up a bit especially in the backs of bays but all of us caught fish. In addition to the Sea Trout, we had quite a few doubles on Lady Fish (Poor Man's Tarpon) as schools passed by us.

The pre-historic looking Lizard Fish was a new species for us. Overall, a great time with other "salties" that like to fish saltwater, followed by good food washed down with a few cold beers, and... catching fish on a fly rod in clear shallow water -- both on top water and sub-surface. Love those Rio Redfish fly lines!

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