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Single Hand Rod casting is where most people start out learning the basic skill set to cast with a fly rod.

Fly line types and the corresponding casting methods used will determine the type of caster that you will become.

Traditional single hand casting focuses on utilizing a back cast to help load the rod. The other method of casting with a Single Hand Rod, uses Dynamic roll casts and line repositioning techniques.

The Dynamic Roll Casting method is not dependent on traditional "To and Fro" casts to load the rod but rather a "D-Loop" and line repositioning techniques. This method of casting avoids back casting into bushes and other obstacles behind you while fishing streams and rivers.

Both methods use a traditional Single Hand rod but DO NOT have the same line types.  Whether learning either the "To and Fro" or the "D-Loop" with line repositioning method, both types of casting with a Single Hand rod are relatively easy to learn.

Learning BOTH Single Hand Rod casting methods will increase your effectiveness while fly fishing -- in particular while fishing moving water.

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NEW PRODUCT:  Below is a NEW fly line for 2016. Available now, this fly line maximizes the use of Dynamic Roll Casts. A terrific fishing line, it enables fly anglers to easily use Spey casts (some in tighter fishing situations) while using their "normal" Single Hand fly rod. Also... overhead casts, nymphing with indicators, streamer fishing, swinging soft hackles, and even presenting dry flies.

NEW PRODUCT: An even more exciting product along the same line comes from OPST. Laser line and the Commando line system, even for single hand rods, is about to change the style of fly fishing for many, many anglers.