Spring Creek Anglers Fly Fishing School

Spring Creek Anglers Fly Fishing School


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Basic Skills School - Half Day

Full Day School

Predator School

Single Hand Casting Instruction

Spey Casting School


NEW YORK STATE classes are available in the Spring (April/May) and Summer (July/August) months in the Finger Lakes Region.

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Where are the classes held?

Interested in Personal Mentoring?

> All instruction is custom scheduled and personalized based on our core curriculum. Email (via the Contact page) or call to schedule a class.

> Monthly group classes are NOT OFFERED as they are too general in scope limiting your learning experience. There is great advantage to private individualized instruction for the student.

> Small Groups: Our maximum class size is four (4).

> For on-water classes, a Georgia or New York State fishing license is required. The use of polarized sunglasses is also highly recommended!

How to get started Fly Fishing from scratch.

Basic Skills Schools

Looking for a fundamentals of fly fishing class?




The Half Day School covers all the fundamentals while never getting your feet wet!

This “Basic Skills" Class is a Dry Land course that covers:

•  Hands-on casting with a Single Hand Rod

•  Equipment introduction... 

    Fly rods, reels, lines, leaders and tippet.

•  Knots you need to know

•  Introduction to Entomology and effective flies

$ 175/person      Group of 4:   $ 150/person


Single Hand Rod, Two Handed Trout Spey, or SH Predator

The Full Day School covers all the fundamental basic skills in a morning session followed by an afternoon on-water session that focuses on fly Presentation skills.

Each student is encouraged to provide their own fly fishing equipment including boots & waders if stream fishing, polarized sunglasses and a valid state fishing license. Flies will be provided to each student. Please pack a lunch and something to drink for this on-water experience. Basically, block out the entire day for this class which includes drive time to and from the stream; or, other location if pursuing predator fish.

Afternoon on-stream trout sessions will teach the following Presentation skills:

A. Fly Fishing with Streamers;

B. Dry Fly & Wet/Soft Hackle fly presentations; and,

C. Nymphing presentations

These are the three major presentation types that you will encounter while fly fishing for trout no matter what type of rod you are using (Single Hand, Euro Nymph, or Trout Spey).

The Full Day School can also be tailored to learn to fish for Predators such as Stripers, Landlocked Salmon, Smallmouth Bass, and all Saltwater species.

> Predator sessions primarily use streamer presentations at various water depths.

> These sessions can take place on lakes, reservoirs, ponds, or tributaries.

$ 375/person      Group of 4:   $ 325/person

Extra on-water days can be arranged whether fishing for Trout or Predators.

Georgia residents are encouraged to join the Atlanta Fly Fishing Club as a member (only $30/year); or, join a local Fly Fishers International or Trout Unlimited chapter wherever you may live.

Distance Casting + Predator Presentations

Predator School

Using Single Hand 7, 8, or 9 wt. rods and multiple line weights.

Up to One (1) hour of casting instruction focusing on distance casting + Five (5) or more hours of fly fishing on Lake Sidney Lanier in Georgia for Stripers and KY Spotted Bass perfecting their skills during the months of October to April.

April/MayNew York State (Finger Lake Region) with a focus on Landlocked Salmon, Lake Trout, and Browns.

New York State sessions in the Finger Lakes Region will utilize Cayuga Lake (one of the Finger Lakes) or it’s tributaries for instruction during the Spring months. (See photo of Landlocked Salmon below)

The Predator School is NOT RECOMMENDED for those who have little or no fly casting experience! 

Please take a "Basic Skills" or "Casting" class prior to booking this class.

$ 375  Per Person

Need help with your casting skills?

Casting Instruction

Of the three stages of learning how to fly fish, learning to cast is the first stage. Casting comprises 1/3 of what it takes to become a successful fly angler. You can not make an effective fly presentation without having good casting skills! 

Single Hand casting classes take place on dry land.

Two Hand (Spey) Refresher casting classes take place on the water.

Single Hand Casting Instruction, or Two Hand Refresher

2 Hours    $ 150 per person

Take up casting with Two Hands!

Spey Casting School

Single Hand Spey

Two Handed Spey

Offered in Levels 1, 2, 3, and 4.

$250 per Session (per Level)

A full description of each Level is found on the Spey Casting page.

Half Day sessions

Level 1     Single Hand Spey 

                 (5, 6, or 7 wt. SH rod)

Level 2    Introduction to Trout Spey

                 (#2-#4 two handed rods)

Level 3    Spey casting with Switch rods

                 (#5-#7 Switch rods up to 11’-9")

Level 4    Casting with Short Spey rods

                 (#6-#8 Spey rods, 12’-6" to 13’)

Sessions include...

• Demystifying lines, heads, and tips/Polyleaders

• Foundation Spey-style casts that you can fish with right away

• Bring your own rod; or, use one of ours.

  • May require Atlanta Fly Fishing Club annual membership ($30); and, 

  • • Be prepared to wade!

    Class Instruction Payment Options

    Class instruction sessions can be paid via the following methods:

         Via PayPal at... PayPal.Me/kenlouko  (Add 3% to Total if using PayPal)

         Or, by check made out to "Ken Louko"

         Or, Cash payment

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