Spring Creek Anglers

Spring Creek Anglers


Combo “Casting + On-Water Fly Fishing” Classes

Nothing like a day on the water!
Nothing like a day on the water!

Casting + On-Water Fly Fishing

Fly Casting instruction combined with On-Water Fly Fishing focusing on fly presentation. Designed for the angler that intends to fly fish in streams or rivers for species such as trout, shoal bass, smallmouth bass, steelhead, and salmon. Also for those who want to fly fish for Spotted Bass and Stripers on Lake Sidney Lanier.

This class is NOT RECOMMENDED for those who have little or no fly casting experience!

Combo classes start with casting instruction on dry land. Then, the focus shifts to on-water Stage 3 (Presentation) instruction while fly fishing at one of the state's beautiful (private or public water) trout streams; or, on Lake Sidney Lanier.

What skills will I learn?

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On-Water Class
On-Water Class

A little more info...

The Combo "Casting + On-Water Fly Fishing” class has been a favorite of many past students.  The likelihood of landing your first trout in this beautiful setting is very high -- and can be a very rewarding experience!

Combo classes can also be held on some of the state's finest public trout water; or, on Lake Lanier. If fly fishing for trout, this is a discussion item that really boils down to whether to fish public access water vs. private access water.  The fish size and catch rate are not usually as high on public access trout waters. However, the REAL focus is learning HOW to fly fish rather than the catch rate.

Post-class fly fishing opportunities

Additional opportunities exist to further hone your on-stream skills at a later date on some of North Georgia's most prolific Trophy Trout waters.  These days are usually epic but do come at a higher daily rate as these are all private waters -- with big fish!  Not to be missed, especially if you live in Georgia.

Fly fishing for Stripers and KY Spotted Bass on Lake Sidney Lanier can be more challenging but often holds large rewards.

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